Potato Research

Welcome to the Potato Research home page. From this page you can access all of the potato related information put out by the Vegetable Program at the University of Saskatchewan.

russet potato imagePotato Varieties

Potato variety trials are conducted annually by the Vegetable Program to supply Saskatchewan’s potato growers with information on cultivar performance under local growing conditions. Standard potato varieties and recently introduced varieties are evaluated.

View the Potato Variety Trials or read about the recently introduced varieties.

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As well as conducting annual Potato Variety Trials, the Vegetable Program researches the agronomy, fertility, and pest and disease management practices of potatoes, aimed at improving potato production for prairie producers.

The latest potato variety trials and research is available online in the Vegetable Cultivar and Cultural Trials.

Potato Related Presentations

Grower and industry education is an important component of the Vegetable Program. Dr. Doug Waterer has put together a variety of presentations for conferences and various grower groups around the province of Saskatchewan.

For more presentations visit the Presentations Page.

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