Pest and Disease Management

Corn Earworm and Corn Borers

Problems in Sweet Corn with Corn Earworm and Corn Borers

Lettuce Leaf Drop
sclerotinia on lettuce

2001 – Leaf Drop and Lettuce

The fungus which causes leaf drop (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and S. minor) attacks a wide range of vegetable crops including beans, carrots, cole crops and tomatoes. This study evaluated the potential to use fungicides to reduces losses to Leaf Drop in a direct seeded lettuce crop.

Root Maggot Management

2012 - Integrated Management of Root Maggots

2011 - Root Maggot Control Trial

2010 - Root Maggot Control Trial

2009 - Root Maggot Control Trial

Powerpoint Presentation: Root Maggot – Biology and Management Options (2.4 MB)
The life cycle andvegetable host range of the root maggot is discussed. Integrated pest management options are also presented. 

Powerpoint Presentation: Managing Vegetable Under Low Temperature Conditions (5.0 MB)
Unusually cool growing seasons also affect vegetable crops. This presentation covers how cool temperatures affect seed failure, maturity, fertility, and chilling of vegetable crops.

Powerpoint Presentation: Managing Vegetables Under High Temperature Conditions (3.0 MB)
This presentation discusses how unusually hot growing seasons affect vegetable crop growth, quality, storability, and disease and insect problems. It suggests steps growers can take to minimize damage to their crops.

Onion Neck Rot

2012 – Fungicides to Prevent Onion Neck Rot

Onion Herbicides

2012 – Demonstration of Herbicides for Use in Onions 

2011 – Demonstration of Herbicides for Weed Control in Onions