The short, cool growing season makes tomato production on the Prairies challenging. Transplants are a must, however tomatoes do not appear to benefit from plastic mulches or crop covers. Blossom end rot is a common problem and is considered in the cultivar recommendations.


  • Bella Rosa – (SAK)- Early, with good yields of small sweet fruit
  • Cabot - (TER) – Good yields of relatively small fruit. Sweet but lacking in acidity.
  • Defiant – (J, VE, ST) – Early with god yield potential small uniform fruit. Late blight resistant
  • Duchess - (KY, VE) – Large numbers of small round fruit. Acceptable taste.
  • Early Girl  - (WCS) – Very Early Good yield. High % red.
  • Manitoba – (EFG) -Early with good yields. Fruit are small with firm skin but taste good.
  • Oregon Spring – (J, TER) – Very early. with good yield potential. Small uniform fruit. Late blight resistant
  • Scotia – (VE) – Early with good yields. Small , juicy fruit with some shoulder cracking
  • Starfire (TER)
  • Tribute – (SAK) – Early with very good yields of nice tasting but acidic fruit

Mild – season

Late – season
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Heirloom tomatoes

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