Excellent yields of high quality cucumbers can be achieved in most years using even basic production practices. Production aids like transplants, mulches and crop covers will increase yields and promote earliness. Spring frosts, excessive heat during flowering and mildew late in the season are the major production problems for cucumbers.


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  • Darlington (NOR, ST, SW) – Excellent stand and yield with high % marketable Exceptional flavor
  • Diomede (RO, ST) – Good stand and yield. Straight fruit. Good mildew resistance
  • Emperator (LIN) – Good stand, yield and flavor
  • Fanfare (DOM, WDM, SW, ST) – produces consistent yields of high quality, uniform fruit over a long harvest period
  • Marketmore 76 (WDM, SW, ST) – a mid-season variety with excellent yields of uniform fruit with good flavor and minimum grade-out.Good stand. Good mildew resistance
  • Raider (VE) – Excellent yields. Uniform. Very seedy. Yellow undersides
  • Speedway (ST, SW, SEM) – excellent yields of uniform juicy fruit
  • Straight 9 (REI) – exceptional yields but only average flavor

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