Cauliflower does well in Saskatchewan as a direct seeded crop if excessive flea beetle damage to the emerging seedlings can be prevented. Transplanting speeds harvest, increases yields and reduces pest problems in cauliflower.

  • Amazing (J, BJ) – Early with excellent yields
  • Apex (ST) - Early with excellent yields
  • Bishop (J) – Excellent yields of uniform heads with uniform maturity
  • C61268 RZ (SIE) – Good yields and quality
  • Callisto (ORS) – Excellent yields of tight dome shaped heads
  • Casper (ZW) – Large headed variety with good yields
  • Cumberland (ST) – Good yields, very nice quality heads that are almost spherical
  • Denali (J) – Good yields, late, good quality heads
  • Fargo (BJ) – Excellent yields of large heads, but some riciness
  • Flamenco (J, BJ) – Excellent stand and yields, early
  • Graffiti (ST, J) – Bright purple colored heads
  • Janvel (HMO, NOR) – Late, large head size
  • Klamath (SIE) – Good yields
  • Minuteman (DOM, NOR, SEM, ST) – An early maturing type with large, high quality heads that must be covered to avoid greening
  • Phoenix (ORS, RD, WG) – Good yields of tight, uniform color heads
  • Shasta (WCS, WG) – Excellent yields and head quality
  • Sparrow (SIE) – Late, large heads
  • Stabilus (SIE) – Excellent yields, late, large heads
  • Symphony (VESIE, SW) – Early to mid season variety, good yields and high quality heads
  • Terzolo (ST) – Early with good yields and quality

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