Beets are well suited for Saskatchewan and can be grown from seed throughout the growing season.

  • Alto (T+M) – Good yields of cylindrical roots.
  • Cylindra (OSC, WDM, J) – Long cylindrical roots prone to bending. Uniform interior color. Bland, bitter flavor.
  • Detroit Supreme (ST, WDM) – Produces exceptionally high yields of roots with a light exterior but excellent dark interior color. Root shape and size can be variable.
  • Formanova (ABN) – Produces a good stand and sizes early. Cylindrical roots are uniform in shape and deep red.
  • Merlin (VE, ST) – Exellent stand and yields. Nice sweet flavor.
  • Moneta (J, VE) – Good yields from H1 onwards. Goods sweet flavour.
  • Pablo (VE, T+M) – Is early with good yields and quality.
  • Red Cloud (NOR) – Exellent stand and yields of round, attractive roots. Nice sweets flavor.

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