Basil must be grown from transplants and requires cool temperatures to induce bolting in basil plants. Basil requires warm, sunny weather for optimum growth.


  • Blue Spice (BCH) – produces exceptional leaf yields with a minty aroma but tends to bolt early
  • Lemon Basil (ST, RICH) – produces vigorous plants with a very pleasant citrus aroma
  • Green Ruffles (BP) – green ruffled leaves have an excellent ornamental value
  • Cinnamon (ST, RICH) – flowers are significant and attractive, foliage has strong basil aroma with a hint of cinnamon
  • Spicy Globe (ST, RICH) – very attractive variety covered in blooms, excellent ornamental value, strong basil flavour with a hint of lemon
  • Sweet Thai (J) – mild basil flavour with excellent aroma and ornamental value


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