Sequential Planting

romaine lettuceSequential planting represents a means of insuring a consistent supply of product. Changing growing conditions and pest pressures over the season can influence the relative performance of sequential plantings.

The following is a collection of articles evaluating sequential planting of spinach and lettuce.

2015 – Sequential Cropping of Romaine Lettuce

2002 – Quality of Sequentially Planted Head Lettuce
Growers commonly report indicate problems with quality in head lettuce. This trial evaluated quality of head lettuce crops transplanted sequentially through the Saskatchewan growing season.

2001 – Sequential Planting of Spinach
Spinach is a cool season crop well suited to production in spring in Saskatchewan. However, most growers report difficulties in establishing and growing good quality spinach crops during July and August. This trial evaluated the performance of several cultivars of spinach sequentially planted over the course of the 2000 and 2001 growing seasons.