Root Maggot Management Photo Gallery

Comparison of root maggot control achieved with Lorsban versus Cyazypyr. **Cyazypyr is not presently registered in Canada for root maggot control in rutabaga.


Extent of root maggot damage typically seen when rutabagas are grown in Saskatchewan without repeated applications of insecticide (control treatment).



Cyazypyr Treatment




Lorsban Treatment




Root Maggot Damage:

Root maggot damage to the base of a head of cabbage. Pupa (see tip of the pen) may form inside the head of cabbage.



Root maggot feeding damage extends to the center of a head of cabbage.



Root damage caused by maggot feeding leads to stunting and wilting of cabbage seedlings.




Non Chemical Defenses: 

Intercropping rutabaga between rows of other crops.




Cover materials tested to protect rutabaga against root maggots. Foreground=insect screen. Middle=Agryl P-17 field cover. Background=fence system.



Fence system designed to prevent root maggot flies from being able to access egg-laying sites at the base of the rutabaga plants. Note that the fencing doubles over at the top – this feature was designed to deflect downward any flies the hit the fence.