Potato Research

red skinned potatoesAs well as conducting annual vegetable and potato variety trials, the Vegetable Program researches the agronomyfertility, and pest and disease management practices of potatoes, aimed at improving potato production for prairie producers.

The Vegetable Program’s main areas of potato research are outlined below. Click on the link for more information and for articles detailing the individual research projects.

Pest Management

Colorado potato beetle adult imagePotato scab and Colorado Potato Beetle (CPB) are a serious problems for Saskatchewan potato growers. Pest and disease management trials conducted by the Vegetable Program have evaluated varying agronomic practices and biocontrol options for the management of scab and CPB.


Potato Fertility

emerging potatoRising input costs coupled with increasing market demand for “safer” products has lead many growers to consider “organic” or other reduced input production systems. Trials conducted by the Vegetable Program evaluate potato yield and quality under varying fertility and other input regimes.

Potato Agronomy

irrigation pivot on potato field imageThe potato agronomy trials are designed to evaluate some of the basic agronomic characteristics and management parameters required for newly released cultivars of interest to Saskatchewan’s potato industry, and to evaluate the performance of new potato varieties under Saskatchewan growing conditions.