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2016 Cultivar Trial Results:

Brussels Sprouts




Head Lettuce – Direct Seeded & Transplanted

Romaine Lettuce – Direct Seeded & Transplanted

Green Onions



Posted: November 2016

2016 Asparagus Trial Results 

Posted: October 2016

High Tunnel Vents:

High tunnel vents with automatic openers were installed on the gothic high tunnel ends.


Posted: September 2016

Spring Garlic Planting:

Thanks to an early thaw we were able to plant garlic on April 4th. Early planting is critical to the success of spring-planted garlic.

Posted: April 2016

2015 Baby Carrot Cultivar Trial

Posted: March 2016

Evaluation of Bibb (Butterhead) Lettuce for Hydroponic Production in Saskatchewan Greenhouses:


Posted: March 2016

Re-Cropping Intervals to Avoid Damage to Potatoes by Residual Herbicides


Posted: March 2016

2015 Cultivar and Cultural Trials Publication

Posted: January 2016

2015 Growing Conditions and Crop Performance in 3rd Generation High Tunnels


Posted: December 2015

2015 High Tunnel Pepper Trial Results



Posted: December 2105

2015 Sequential Cropping Romaine Lettuce Trial Results


Posted: December 2015

2015 Celery Trial Results


Posted: December 2015 

2015 Onion Trial Results 


Posted: November 2015

2015 Shelling Pea Trial Results 

Posted: August 2015

2015 Asparagus Trial Results 


Posted: August 2015

Corn Earworm and Corn Borers 

Posted: August 2015

High Tunnel Survives Heavy Wet Snow Fall on April 28th, 2015

Posted: April 2015

 LEDs versus High Pressure Sodium Lights for Growing Bedding Plants

Image result for led lights

Posted: April 2015

Low Temperatures Best for Bedding Plants

Posted: April 2015

Microgreen Production Trials

2014 Update on Late Blight in Saskatchewan

Getting Your Green Manure Covercrop Established


High Tunnel – 2014 







Bulbils to Establish Garlic







Hydroponic Lettuce Production

Cover Crops for Row Middles in Widely Spaced Vegetable Crops


Evaluation of Onion Herbicides

Maleic Hydrazide for Sprouting Storage in Onions

Fungicides for Control of Decay in Onions

Integrated Pest Management Program for Root maggots in Rutabaga

Nitrogen Fertilizer Response in Potatoes

Powdery Mildew and Pumpkins