Below is a collection of links to pages that may be of interest to both commercial and hobby producers in Saskatchewan.


University of Saskatchewan sites:

General sites:

Vegetable related sites:

Saskatchewan Vegetable Growers Association

Weed Control Guide for Vegetable Crops

Haygrove Tunnels Ltd. Haygrove Tunnels is a developer and manufacturer of poly-hightunnels.

Pennsylvania State University Center for Plasticulture. The principle objectives of the Center for Plasticulture are: the development of cutting-edge plasticulture technology for the horticultural crop producers, production information related to specific crop applications, and recovery of plastics in the form of energy or recycled products. A USDA-sponsored project that is testing and promoting high tunnel systems in the Central Great Plains, providing information and links to relevant sites around the world, so that growers and educators have a one-stop source to find information on all aspects of high tunnel construction and use.

Vegetable Varieties On-line, Auburn University, Alabama. This extension project provides a detailed online database of vegetables, and links to many seed companies.

American Society for Plasticulture. The American Society for Plasticulture exists to promote the use of agricultural systems in which plastic is used, including but not limited to field crop production, horticultural food crop production, animal production, forestry, aquaculture, ornamental crop production, floriculture, and packaging of food products.

 Potato related sites:

Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association (SSPGA) The Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association (SSPGA) is a grower owned non-profit corporation developed to provide Saskatchewan seed growers a forum from which they could collectively speak to local, provincial, national and international issues of vital interest to their industry.

World Potato Congress The World Potato Congress is a non-profit organization supported by a group of volunteer directors representing potato jurisdictions around the world.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency Index of Potato Variety Descriptions The CFIA provides and alphabetical, searchable list of comercial potato varieties registered in Canada.

Potato Association of America (PAA) – The objectives of The PAA are to provide information relating to all aspects of the potato industry, including breeding, production, pests, transportation, processing, teaching, marketing and utilization. Variety images and descriptions are also available.


Medicinal and Aromatic related sites:

Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association (SHSA) Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association is an industry driven association that supports building a viable herb, spice and natural health products industry that includes value added production
and processing.

National Herb and Spice Coalition
The goals of the NHSC are to lead the development and support the growth of the industry, build value chains whereby there is increased cooperation amongst industry. participants and increased net return across the industry, and to support provincial associations and address overarching national issues.