High Tunnel Photo Gallery

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High Tunnel Structures:

                                Haygrove 3rd Generation High Tunnels
Vented Super Solo                 Super Solo Front View           Gothic Front View

Vented Super Solo                  Vented Gothic

Gothic 3rd generation high tunnel survives heavy wet snow fall April 28th, 2015.

                                   Haygrove 2nd Generation High Tunnels
2nd generation Haygrove          Manure application in a 2nd       2nd generation high tunnel high tunnels at the University    generation high tunnel.               ready for planting.             of Saskatchewan in June                                                                                                 2012. Complex entailed 8                                                                                                 gutter connected tunnels                                                                                                         – each tunnel 28′ x 200′.

Acre 2nd generation high tunnels.

                                1st Generation High Tunnels
Finished structure             
Outside 1st generation        Inside 1st generation                                                                 high tunnel.                          high tunnel (Ledgewood Farms).

High Tunnel Construction:
Construction 1          Construction 2          Construction 3
1st generation high tunnel construction.

Rented lift equipment was         Construction of a 3rd                Installing support posts for required to install heavy            generation high tunnel.             a 3rd generation high tunnel. sheets of polyethylene                                                                Landscape fabric designed over the 18′ peak of the                                                              to stop weed growth along 2nd generation high tunnel.                                                         the edges of the tunnel.

High Tunnel Crops:
                                 Heavy fruit production in                 Basil intercropped                  Lettuce growing between
mid-October by Autumn                   between trellised tomato        crop rows in the high
Britten, a primocane type                 
plants in the high tunnel.         tunnel (2015)               raspberry growing in a                                                                                                        high tunnel.

          Bees - Improving pollination    Inside the high tunnel
Cluster type tomato      Lettuce crop in high tunnel   Honey bee hive            Various crops thriving in the high         October 2015.                      inside high tunnel.         inside of high tunnel (2015).                                                                                                   tunnel.

Adriana lettuce (bibb-type)         Vegetable crops thriving                                       performed very well under          in mid-summer in a 2nd                                                   high tunnel conditions                 generation high tunnel.                                         throughout the 2015                                                                                                                 growing season.

High Tunnel Maintenance:

Removing skin on Super           Spraying inside the Super           Parking the cover of the  Solo (fall 2014).                          Solo high tunnel in an effort         Super Solo tunnel half                                                          to remove soil picked up              way up the side of the                                                          during winter storage and             tunnel in fall of 2015.                                                            subsequent installation of the                                                                                                    cover (spring 2015).

Bark mulch around the              Plastic mulch laid by machine.     Training tomatoes to     periphery of the high tunnel                                                             strings attached to the controls weeds and provides                                                          supports in a Gothic         a dry walking path around                                                               tunnel.                             the tunnel.

Lifting the plastic in the 2nd         Tear in the plastic over a            Repair for a tear in the generation high tunnel prior          high tunnel.                                plastic over a high tunnel. to winter.

 StakingStaking    Soil Prep     
Staking inside the high tunnel.          Soil preparation            Manure application in a                                                                       inside high tunnel.         2nd generation high tunnel.  

Vent - sides           HT vent                            1st generation high            1st generation high           Ventilating a 2nd generation        tunnel side vent.               tunnel upper vent.              gutter-connected high tunnel.

High Tunnel Pests and Disease:

Coyote damage to watermelon         European corn borer damage to pepper                      in the high tunnel (2015).                  fruit. Entry points are circled. 

High Tunnel Frost Protection: 

Field cover placed over warm season tunnel crops ahead of a fall frost events.

                                                                Tomatoes under a cover            Field cover installed inside                                       installed to enhance frost           a high tunnel to add further                                     protection in the high tunnel.      frost protection.

Benefits of High Tunnels:

Cold Protection                   Cold Protection
Cold Protection              vs.       Cold Protection                                                               Outside High Tunnel                  Inside High Tunnel 

HT benefits                   HT benefits
Tomatoes Outside         vs.       Tomatoes Inside High Tunnel

HT benefits
Red peppers in August

Problems with High Tunnels:

          Overcrowding          Plant damage
Insufficient growing       Overcrowding inside         Plant damage from trampling.          room for some crops     high tunnel.                                                                                         in the small 1st                                                                                                         generation tunnels.

Abnormal pepper fruit                 Abnormal growth of                    Bacterial leaf blight on caused by herbicide                   tomatoes due to herbicide          peppers caused by the drift into the                                drift into the tunnel.                      combination of high temp. tunnel.                                                                                             & high relative humidity                                                                                                             conditions in the tunnel.

            Heat stress
Wind blowing into the tunnels       Heat stressed                                                            blows watermelon vines to           peppers.                                                                             the opposite side of the tunnel.

Wind damage to a 2nd               Wind damage to a 2nd               Plastic torn off Gothic high generation high tunnel.               generation high tunnel.              tunnel due to failure of front                                                                                                       door in 117 km/h wind. 

Snow load on a 2nd                   2nd generation high tunnel                                     generation high tunnel.              collapsing under a snow load.

flooding in the high tunnel            
Flooding in and around       Careful site selection is                                                             the high tunnel.                   crucial for high tunnels.