AC Peregrine Red (ND2937-3)

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Pedigree and Description

AC Peregrine imageAC Peregrine Red (ND2937-3) is a Lethbridge selection of a cross made by North Dakota State University (NDSU) in 1986 between ND373-2R and ND2223-8R.   The Prairie Potato Breeding Program evaluated the field performance of AC Peregrine Red from 1988 through 1995 in trials conducted across the Prairie provinces.  The variety was licenced to theSaskatchewan Seed Potato Growers’ Association Inc. (SSPGA) for testing purposes in 1997 and a full licence was applied for and approved in 1999.  The variety received regional registration in 2000.  Plant Breeder’s Rights in Canada for AC Peregrine Red have been filed by the SSPGA on behalf of NDSU.  The variety has been evaluated in commercial production and storage trials since 2000.  Seed of AC Peregrine Red is exclusively available from members of theSSPGA.  AC Peregrine Red is approved for production and sale within Canada but can only be grown in the United States with the expressed written permission of the SSGPA and NDSU.



Tubers of AC Peregrine Red are uniform oval-round, with a bright red skin.  The flesh is white/cream.  The eyes are shallow and uniformly distributed with small eyebrows.  The lenticels are light color and somewhat obvious against the dark red skin.  Specific gravities for AC Peregrine Red averaged over 24 site years of testing were 1.083, while Norland averaged 1.074.  The higher specific gravity of AC Peregrine Red suggests superior storage potential.  The average tuber size for AC Peregrine Red is about 10% smaller than Norland.


The plants are semi-erect, medium height with medium maturity. AC Peregrine Red flowers heavily but produces few fruit.


AC Peregrine Red is a main crop variety.  It matures 10 days to two weeks later than Norland, but earlier than Pontiac.  Natural top die-off is uncommon.  Skin set is excellent by two weeks after top kill.



During 19 site years of evaluation in the Prairie Regional Trials, total yields for AC Peregrine Red at 120 days were higher than Norland, while marketable yields were comparable to Norland.  In trials conducted by the University of Saskatchewan from 2000-2010, early yields (80-90 days) for AC Peregrine Red were lower than for Norland, but after 120 days yields were comparable to or higher than Norland.



Storage Characteristics

AC Peregrine storage characteristicsAC Peregrine Red has superior color at harvest to Norland and holds its color better during long term storage.  Shrinkage during main-crop storage is comparable to Norland, if AC Peregrine Red is harvested fully mature.  AC Peregrine has a longer dormancy period than Norland, but once its dormancy breaks, it sprouts readily.  The longer dormancy reduces moisture loss when growing this variety for seed.


AC Peregrine Red represents a main crop alternative to Norland for the red-skinned table stock market.  Its skin color is darker than Norland and the tuber shape is more uniform than Norland.  These characteristics give AC Peregrine Red superior eye appeal.   Its high set and smaller average tuber size also make it attractive in the B and Creamer markets.   AC Peregrine Red is more resistant to after cooking discoloration than Norland; otherwise its quality in boiling/mashed and baked trials are comparable to Norland.

Reactions to Diseases and Disorders

AC Peregrine Red is resistant to fusarium dry rot, moderately resistant to early blight but the foliage and tubers are susceptible to late blight.  AC Peregrine Red is more sensitive to common and powdery scab than Norland, but far less sensitive than Pontiac.  AC Peregrine Red has fewer tuber deformities (cracks, knobs and hollow heart) than Norland, resulting in a superior pack out.


Herbicide Response

In trials conducted under irrigation (2001 and 2005), a full rate of foliar-applied metribuzin (Sencor) applied 4 weeks after emergence did not produce any foliar damage and had no impact on yields, tuber size distribution or skin color of either AC Peregrine Red or Norland.  Pre-plant application of metribuzin also had no impact on AC Peregrine Red.

Production Recommendations

Production practices used for Norland should work well for AC Peregrine Red.  As AC Peregrine Red is slower maturing than Norland, growers should use management practices that promote earliness (early planting) or extend the growing season (late top kill).Seed handling response of AC Peregrine

AC Peregrine Red may benefit from seed handling treatments that break dormancy and accelerate crop development.
Use of whole seed or pre-cutting seed resulted in the best performance, particularly if planting was delayed.




AC peregrine nitrogen responseThe yield response of AC Peregrine to pre-plant applied soil N is relatively flat, with yields plateauing at about 150 kg N/ha.










Close in-row spacing increased yields of AC Peregrine Red, with a corresponding reduction in average tuber size.


Averaged over the 18 site years of Registration trials, AC Peregrine Red appeared to be somewhat less sensitive to drought stress than Norland (dryland yields of Norland = 31 % less than irrigated, while dryland yields of AC Peregrine Red were only 27% less than under irrigation.   Trials conducted from 1998-2010 also suggest that Norland and Peregrine have a similar overall sensitivity to drought stress but the results varied depending on the year, the severity and the timing of drought stress.


Percent yield reduction due to drought stress at two harvest dates for Norland
and AC Peregrine Red.

1998 1999 2000 2001 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 AVG
Norland 65 7 30 88 44 35 46 27 58 16 14 39
AC Peregrine Red 83 22 42 98 32 25 45 28 63 9 3 41

* Yield reduction = 1-(dryland yields/irrigated yields)*100.


For more information on AC Peregrine Red see :

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CFIA Variety Descriptions for AC Peregrine Red